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Manicures & Pedicures...

Classic Manicures                                                              $40

After the hands are soaked, the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed
if necessary.  The nails are filed and shaped, and then buffed and
polished.  The indulgence is completed by a hand & arm massage.

Deluxe Manicures                                                               $50

A specialised skin treatment mask is used in the deluxe manicure  to
specifically address dehydrated and sun damaged hands.  It includes
all nail and cuticle work and massage as in the classic manicure.

Classic Pedicures                                                               $45

Ideal for those on their feet a lot, pedicures involve soaking the feet in
a foot spa before cutting and filing the nails.  Cuticles are pushed back
and trimmed, and nail polish applied.  The skin around the heel is
rejuvenated with the aid of a Pedi Senso electric file and sloughing
lotion.  Finally, the feet and lower legs are massaged.

Deluxe Pedicures                                                                 $55

A specific mask treatment is applied during the deluxe pedicure to
revitalise the feet.  A thorough removal of callused and dry skin results
in your skin feeling baby soft and leaving you as if you were walking
on air.  It includes all nail and cuticle work and massage as carried out
in the classic pedicure.



Whole body massage                                                        $55

Not just an indulgence, massage also improves circulation, calms the
nervous system, strengthens the immune system, relieves chronic pain,
and loosens tired muscles.   My massages take around 75 minutes, and
involve the use of top quality cold-pressed massage oil and
aromatherapy oils.

Back, neck & shoulders massage                                  $35

Many people carry tension in their shoulders and neck.  My massages
are particularly effective at releasing 'knots' in muscles built up through
the stresses of today's busy lifestyle.  This massage takes around half
an hour.

Hot stone massage - 90 minutes                                    $95

Hot stone massage - 60 minutes                                    $70

A hot stone massage involves the application of water-heated basalt
stones to key points on the body, giving a deep massage, which melts
away knots, tension and stress.  Benefits include

# Relaxes muscles by using heat
# Provides a deeper massage with less pressure
# Increases circulation
# Nurtures, calms and reduces stress

And it just feels great !!



Premium Facials                                                              $80

My premium facials help to repair skin which has been over exposed to
the elements and protect the skin from further damage.  I use Philou's
new AboutFace Omega range of products, which are enriched in
powerful antioxidants, with the delightful fresh aroma of the Australian
bush.  It  includes cleansing, toning, skin type diagnosis, exfoliating,
steaming, massaging, treatment mask and day (or night) cream.  The
time taken is around 70 minutes.

Deluxe Facials                                                                  $65

My facials are the perfect way to improve and maintain your complexion.
Using Philou skin rejuvenation technology, it  involves cleansing, toning,
skin type diagnosis, exfoliating, steaming, massaging, treatment mask
and day (or night) cream.  The time taken is around an hour.

Mini Facials                                                                       $45

Mini facials include cleansing, skin type diagnosis, treatment mask and
day (or night) cream.  I use Philou Clayful Oils masks, which deliver
immediate, visible skin hydration, toning, firming and balancing.   The
time taken is around 30 minutes, making it perfect for those with busy



I offer a full range of waxing services, ranging from a simple underarm wax
to a top-to-toe whole body wax.  A numbing spray is applied beforehand
to ensure your comfort, and the treatment is completed using a soothing
post-depilation lotion.  Hygiene is assured by the use of single use wax.

Full leg wax                                                                         $35

Half leg wax                                                                         $20

Bikini wax                                                                             $20

Underarm wax                                                                     $20

Facial wax                                                                            $17

Brazilian wax                                                                       $35

Whole body wax                                                                 $115


Other Treatments...

Eyebrow lash tint                                                               $20

Using dye, your eyelashes and brows are tinted to the colour of your
choosing.  (Please note that a 24-hour patch test is required for first-
time users.)

Body wrap treatment - full hour                                     $95

Pamper yourself and revitalise tired skin with a full hour body wrap
treatment.  The treatment commences with exfoliation, followed by 
application of a Philou clay mask over your whole body. 

Body wrap treatment - half hour                                      $70

The half hour treatment is designed for treatment of specific zones,
rather than a full body.


Winter Special...

Melt away those winter blues and re-energise yourself with a 90-minute
hot stone massage and receive a premium facial for half price - a $40 saving!


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